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Different from the commonly-available scissors structure, CM series motorized projector lift is using double-armed structure made from aluminum alloy, which can avoid the front- to-back and side-to-side swing problem. The anti-broken structure ensures the security of use. This series includes two models CM100D CM200D. The customer can choose the proper lift according to different ceilings. Besides these standard sizes, we can produce the lift as the client’s customized requirement within 2 meters travel distance. The weight capacity is 40 kg.

ULTRA THIN DESIGN: The thinnest can be 223.50mm (8.8”) if the thickness of the installed projector is less than 130mm, travel distance is up to 1020mm (40”).
SOLID STRUCTURE: The patented folding arm structure provides with a stable operation without any front-to-back and side-to-side swing issues and accurate repositioning.
EASY INSTALLATION: Quick installation, simple construction, easy accessibility.

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